PULSE is a new service offering from The Gettys Group.  PULSE will focus on shaping perspectives, crafting stories, and evoking emotion by creating unforgettable public spaces.

PULSE will work with venues that inspire social interaction, where people gather to enjoy each other and share life experiences.  Our portfolio includes restaurants, bars, retail venues, concert halls, breweries, casinos and event design.  We serve all sectors of the market, from luxury restaurants to boutique retail stores.  Every client is unique, and we believe that their story is worth telling, regardless of size.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to be spearheading this new group.  PULSE is an energy; a catalyst for new design aesthetics based on the discovery of emotions and the essence of what makes an experience memorable.  We focus on the subtleties of the environment, its offerings, and ultimately on exposing the soul of a space.  PULSE always asks the question…how will this inspire?  Inspiration, in all of its forms, is the key to creating a successful destination for our clients.  We design spaces where people gather, fall in love, listen to music and share meals…they’ll break up, make up, fight, laugh, propose, and celebrate.  They will create lasting memories…perhaps the most significant of their lives.  Consequently, the language of our studio and its name must speak to romance, beauty, and passion.  PULSE is the rhythm of the hear, the vibration of a city, and the intimacy of a moment.  Our group is committed to crafting environments that cultivate the raw and basic human emotions that bring people back to their favorite spots and keeps them talking.” – Jackson Thilenius, AIA, AP

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